Automobile Wrecks

Here at the Law Offices of Keith Lovelace, we are ready to work hard to obtain the compensation you deserve for damages you sustained in a serious automobile crash.

Thousands of people are injured from the negligent drivers every year.  It is important to have a reputable attorney help you recover compensation from the negligent actions of another driver.  The following are common negligent acts which often cause serious car wrecks:

- Failure to keep a proper lookout

- Failure to control their speed such as speeding or driving too slowly.

- Following too closely behind another driver
- Failing to yield right-of-way
- Going through a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign
- Failure to control the vehicle
- Failure to use the brakes in the car
- Failing to use the horn
- Failing to use a turn signal correctly
- Driving in an impaired state such as under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Driving on the wrong side of the road

We are prepared to assist you in all types of serious auto collisions, including cases involving:
- Cars
- SUVs & Trucks
- Head-on crashes and rear-end collisions
- Big rigs, semis and 18-wheelers
- Commercial vehicles
- Buses
- Boating collisions
- Motorcycles
- Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
- Drunk drivers
- Distracted drivers