Employer Retaliation

An employee is free to oppose discriminatory practices of their employer.  Retaliation by an employer against an employee for doing so is not tolerated.  The Law Offices of Keith Lovelace is ready and equipped to secure your rights and protections.     

An employer, labor union, or employment agency commits an unlawful employment practice if the employer, labor union, or employment agency retaliates or discriminates against a person who, under this chapter:
  (1)  opposes a discriminatory practice;                                      
  (2)  makes or files a charge;                                                
  (3)  files a complaint;  or                                                  
  (4)  testifies, assists, or participates in any manner in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing.

(Source: Texas Labor Code)

If you think your employer has sought revenge against you for filing a complaint, call our office today.